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McGovern Family Media Center and Library


Access the school library online here.

At The McGovern Family Media Center and Library, we are committed to fostering a love of reading infused with Catholic values. We offer a carefully curated collection for our prekindergarten through 8th grade students that spans a diverse range of genres and subjects, encompassing literature both for pleasure and for research, as well as materials that explore historical, cultural, and spiritual themes...and, of course, just plain literary fun.

Our mission is to empower our students to become critical thinkers, lifelong readers, and compassionate individuals who are grounded in their faith and equipped to navigate the complexities of the world with integrity and grace. This is nurtured by a community of excellence where collaboration thrives among students, teachers, and families. Rooted in our Catholic faith, we aspire to cultivate a passion for reading that is not only enriching academically but also nourishes the soul.