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Why St. Pius X



Why do families choose St. Pius X Catholic School?


For over 65 years, St. Pius X Catholic school has welcomed children of all faiths from across the Triad. 

Our mission is to educate and nurture students to develop children of faith, compassion, and intellect who are committed to independent thinking and service to others. We provide a joyful learning environment that allows each child to grow in grace, intellect, and individuality.  


Rigorous Academics 

We believe in empowering children to reach both their educational and personal potential and in developing confident and independent learners.  We follow the academic standards and curriculum set forth by the Archdiocese of Charlotte. Ours is a comprehensive, STEM-inclusive program that encourages opportunities for physical, cultural, aesthetic, and extra-curricular development. 

All grade levels, Pre-K through 8, experience a variety of co-curricular subjects and enrichment such as music, choir, band, Spanish, physical education, technology (coding and programming), and art.  We view all content areas as necessary in the development of children, and we are proud of the ever-increasing opportunities we provide our students.


Faith Formation

St. Pius X is a community of faith that helps children develop a strong moral compass they’ll use for the rest of their lives as they navigate an ever-changing world.   While the Catholic faith is the basis of our faith formation, a quarter of our students come from other faith traditions. We guide students during their journey of faith and focus intently on the formation of morals, which must happen during these formative years of their lives. 



All children are extraordinary. The faculty and staff of Saint Pius X are dedicated, accomplished, and thoughtful individuals who recognize the unique potential and gifts of every child.  Saint Pius X educators foster creative and innovative teaching methods, which address various styles of learning, and provide instructional programs that inspire a love of learning in each student, with the understanding that all students can learn, achieve, and succeed.



St. Pius X School has been an example of academic excellence in Greensboro for over 65 years.  Ours is a school rich with heritage and tradition. At Saint Pius X, you will find a community of parents who are supportive and actively involved, sharing their time and talent to ensure quality programs and an excellent school.  Our parents and staff cooperatively make an effort to help new families quickly and easily feel a part of the school family.  We believe education is a partnership between school and home, and here you will see this lived out every day.

Questions about St. Pius? We can help! 


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