Saint Pius X: Athletics


Mission Statement

To provide an athletic program that promotes participation, fun and fitness while teaching the valuable skills of leadership, sportsmanship and teamwork in a Christian environment.


The philosophy of Saint Pius X School emphasizes that meeting each student's individual needs is an integral part of the total educational program.  The Athletic Program is to support philosophy by providing opportunities for positive, supportive athletic experiences for as many children as possible.  This environment will enable each child to achieve a positive self-image through success in a learning experience.  The athletic program places primary emphasis on each child's development and growth, and is viewed as an extension of Saint Pius X School's ministry.


The Piedmont Elementary Catholic Schools Athletic Association (PECSAA) is the governing body of our Catholic league.  It consists of 6 Athletic Directors, one from each school, with one AD acting also as League Director.  Each school in the assumes the post of League Director every six years.  School Principals play an active part in establishing and revising league policies.

PESCAA League Schools

Saint Pius X
Our Lady of Grace
Immaculate Heart of Mary
High Point
Our Lady of Mercy
Saint Leo's
Blessed Sacrament
Sacred Heart



Promoting and encouraging good sportsmanship by coaches, athletes, fans and parents is very important to the Saint Pius X Athletic Program.  We believe, as a Christian school, we must hold ourselves to the highest level of sportsmanship and behavior both on and off the playing field.  The school's administration, athletic department and coaching staff are committed to encourage an environment of enthusiasm and school spirit consistent with high standards of sportsmanship and respect for opposing teams and game officials.

Saint Pius X School athletic events should be fun and positively supported.  The school and our athletic teams are best served by fan support that is directed enthusiastically toward our athletes.


Saint Pius X Sports



The basketball program is composed of four separate teams.  The 5th - 6th grade program has two boys' teams and one girls' team (JV).  The 7th - 8th grade program (Varsity) has the same arrangement.  Practice normally begins about mid-October and the season ends with a league tournament at the end of February.  This tournament involves all PECSAA league teams in a single elimination tournament.

Only four hours of pratice are allowed per week.  League games are played primarily on Saturdays while non-league games may be played during the week.


Grades 5th - 8th are involved in our cheerleading program.  The 5th and 6th grade students make up the JV squad and 7th - 8th graders cheer on the Varsity squad.  The JV and Varsity squads normally cheer for their respective teams.  Cheerleading is only during the basketball season.






Softball is a co-ed sport that begins in mid-March.  Three weekend double-headers and a double elimination tournament comprise the entire season.  This sport is a middle school program.  Five girls and five boys make up the starting team.  Girls and boys are rotated in the batting order and in the field positions.






Track is the only sport Saint Pius X allows for the participation of K - 8.  The PECSAA track meet is normally held in mid-May and is the only event of the track season.  A Saint Pius X mini-track meets is held before the main event for practice and further participation.  Although we normally place every participant in the main event, the structure of the meet only permits a limited number of competitive slots during the event.  If we have an excessive number of children, we will have to limit the number of participants for the PECSAA main track meet.

The track meet is divided into two sessions.  The morning session is for K - 4th grades and the afternoon session involves the 5th - 8th grades.  Most events are track races, with only one jumping event per session.

Cross Country



Volleyball at Saint Pius X is a co-ed sport.  Each on-court team consists of at least three girls and no more than three boys.  Players are rotated into the game at the coaches discretion and there is no league rule requiring participation.  The season begins the first of September and normally runs until mid-October.  Games are played on Saturdays, except for one week-night game.  The volleyball tournament is a single elimination format.  Participation is limited to   5th - 8th grades. (5th - 6th is Junior Varsity; 7th - 8th is Varsity).