Academic Enrichment

Academic Enrichment Referral Procedure


The School Assistance Team (SAT) is a group of faculty members within the school who review student data to identify students who need additional services to achieve learning success. All student referrals for direct Academic Enrichment services will follow this designated progression of procedures to determine academic needs.

  1. A completed Teacher Referral Form, including documentation of interventions and work samples, begins the process to obtain Academic Enrichment Services. Teachers may fill out the Student Skills Checklist, indicating problem areas, provided by the Academic Enrichment Teacher (AET) The Classroom Teacher (CT) is to inform the parent that the AET will be consulting. Parents may also refer their child for Academic Enrichment Services in writing.

  2. AET observes student in the classroom.

  3. AET completes Student Information Summary on student being referred for services. CT, LST, and parent meet to decide if student needs to be screened for information regarding their achievement and potential for achieving.

  4. AET, CT, and decide if referral for a full Psycho-Educational Evaluation is needed. A conference with the parent will be scheduled to discuss the data and the need for the full Psycho-Educational Evaluation. Resources and options are explained to the parents. A list of agencies is supplied to the parents. A permission and Exchange of Information form may need to be filled out.

  5. Once testing is completed, the SAT will meet to discuss the results with the parents. Once a parent gives permission for the student to receive Academic Enrichment Services, a Student Accommodation Plan (SAP) will be created.

  6. Parents are given a copy of all screening results. Any forms needing to be sent to a doctor will be hand delivered by the AET. They are not sent through the parents.

  7. Once testing results have been received by the AET, a conference will be set up with the parents and teacher, to write the student’s SAP. Parents will sign a consent form for their student to attend learning support classes if it is deemed necessary.

  8. A new SAP will be written annually for each grade the student attends St. Pius X Catholic School.