Dear St. Pius X School Families,

“Many hands make light work” was a phrase often heard in my house growing up.  My sister and I would roll our eyes and sulk as we did whatever chore was at hand.  It wasn’t until I became an adult and especially as a volunteer, that I truly appreciated what that phrase meant.  It really does ring true that when there is a task, whether large or small, the more people who help, the less the load is on everyone participating. 

At St. Pius X Catholic School, we have many opportunities for parents to volunteer.  Some events and committees have small jobs or are a “one shot deal” – one event to do and it’s over.  Others are longer term commitments but can be broken down into small and manageable pieces.  The more people that participate, the easier the job becomes.

We have excellent teachers and administrators who teach and tend to our children every day of the school year, but there are things they simply don’t have the manpower to accomplish alone.  The PTO creates events and supplies volunteers to support our paid staff. We also provide an additional revenue stream, allowing the school to offer extra amenities to students.  These “extras” include staffing hot lunches, security on Tuesdays during mass, Creature Teacher, visiting authors, software, and grounds beautification, among others. We also honor requests on an as-needed basis, for example, providing furniture for the kindergarten classrooms in 2015. 

Please know that your time, talent and treasure are truly valued at St. Pius X School. Without human resources, we would be way behind in what we are able to make available for the children.  The events we hold cannot happen without manpower and committed volunteers.  When you offer your time, you are benefiting your child and his/her classmates and bringing something positive to the table. 

Below you will find  the volunteer registration form.  Take a few minutes to read through all the opportunities and decide which one(s) fit your schedule and where your talents could be best used.  There are still leadership opportunities available as several committee chair positions are open.  There are ways to volunteer for just an hour here and there.  Consider where you can best serve the school and help us make the 2015-2016 school year fun and successful. 

Thank you for your consideration!  

Amy Kemp
2015-2016 PTO President