Our Academic Enrichment program at St. Pius X involves a team of highly skilled professionals.  We have two teachers who assist students in elementary and middle grades, plus one instructional assistant.  Academic Enrichment teachers work with students and parents to create Student Accommodation Plans for students who have learning disorders or other medical or physiological needs.  Once an SAP is created for a child, they may receive services in the form of test and assignment modification, one-on-one work with an Academic Enrichment teacher, preferential seating in class, etc.  Our Academic Enrichment teachers serve primarily by using an inclusion model where they will come into the regular classroom to assist students in their areas of need during reading or math classes.  These teachers might also feel it is important to work with the child individually based on the child's learning needs, however we try to discourage pulling a child out of their regular classrooms if possible.  We want your child to feel supported, yet challenged at their individual level.  If you feel your child needs support from our Academic Enrichment staff, please call our school office and ask to speak with one of our Academic Enrichment teachers.