Saint Pius X Catholic School

Mission Statement


Saint Pius X Catholic School places Christ at the center of all that we do. Partnering with our parents and parish communities, we create a challenging and innovative academic experience that inspires and prepares our students to be capable leaders of positive change.


At Saint Pius X Catholic School, We Believe In…

  • Nurturing a Christian community that gives positive evidence of responding to the needs of one another and of the larger community.

  • Integrating into the entire school experience an appreciation and understanding of Roman Catholic doctrine, heritage, traditions, and values.

  • Promoting a sense of responsibility and willingness to recognize, develop, and respect each individual’s gifts.

  • Providing instructional programs that inspire a love of learning in each student with the understanding that all students can learn, achieve, and succeed.

  • Fostering creative and innovative teaching methods, which address various styles of learning.

  • Providing a safe and physically comfortable environment for the well-being and security of students, families, and staff.

  • Offering opportunities for physical, cultural, aesthetic and extra-curricular development.

  • Developing an appreciation and respect for all of God’s creation.