The History of Saint Pius X Catholic School


Saint Pius X Catholic School, parochial parish-based elementary and middle school, opened in the Greensboro community in 1955 with 176 students and six teachers.  It was named in honor of Pope Pius X who had been recently canonized.  Pope Pius X was renowned for his pastoral values, devotion to the poor, and commitment to Christian education.  Monsignor Dolan became the first pastor of Saint Pius X Church, and the Daughters of Charity of Emmitsburg, Maryland, staffed the school.
As the parish continued to grow, a new church was constructed and dedicated in 1981.  To accommodate the needs of a growing student body, a middle school wing was constructed and dedicated in 1997, and in new athletic center was dedicated in honor of Father Francis Connelly who was pastor of Saint Pius X from 1994 to 2000.
Monsignor Anthony Marcaccio has been pastor of Saint Pius X since 2000 and has led the parish during a time of unprecedented growth and activity.   A Capital Campaign, Making a Place at the Table, began in April 2007 with plans to build a new church with 1100 seats, build a new Parish office and Cloister, and to accommodate a growing and vibrant Catholic Community of Faith.  At the same time as the construction of the new church, the school board allocated funds to update the school building with the construction of a new entrance and exterior facelift and the installation of energy efficient windows, new classroom ceilings and lighting. 
Partnering with the Diocese of Charlotte, Saint Pius X kicked off the Making a Place to Gather and Grow Capital Campaign in 2013 with plans to complete a new parish center and academic building.  Ground breaking for the DeJoy Primary Education Center was celebrated in May 2015.  The new academic building will house a new prekindergarten program and be the new home for the existing kindergarten and first grade classrooms.
Currently, Saint Pius X Catholic School serves approximately 430 students and 314 families and employs 55 lay faculty and staff members. 




Our Namesake

St. Pius X
Catholic Online Saints
St. Pius X
Feastday: August 21
On June 2, 1835, Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto saw the light of earth at Riesi, Province of Treviso, in Venice; on August 20, 1914, he saw the light of heaven; and on May 29, 1954, he who had become the two hundred fifty-ninth pope was canonized St. Pius X.
Two of the most outstanding accomplishments of this saintly Pope were the inauguration of the liturgical renewal and the restoration of frequent communion from childhood. He also waged an unwavering war against the heresy and evils of Modernism, gave great impetus to biblical studies, and brought about the codification of Canon Law. His overriding concern was to renew all things in Christ.
Above all, his holiness shown forth conspicuously. From St. Pius X we learn again that "the folly of the Cross", simplicity of life, and humility of heart are still the highest wisdom and the indispensable conditions of a perfect Christian life, for they are the very source of all apostolic fruitfulness.
His last will and testament bears the striking sentence: "I was born poor, I have lived in poverty, and I wish to die poor." His feast day is August 21.


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